The first customizable terracotta pots

The first customizable terracotta pots

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Why are our pots different?


The superpowers of Terracotta

We are not going to lie, plastic is bad for the planet, but also for your plants. Who would like to live in plastic day and night? With terracotta, your plant in bad health is over! With its protective superpowers, it protects your plant from the cold of winter and keeps your plant cool in summer.

Balanced design

No longer do you have by the manufacturing processes handmade in molds, we realize ALL our terracotta pieces on a lathe (1200 revolutions / minute) using a filtered earth , without stones or impurities, for a finished product of high quality. In addition, for a perfectly distributed earth with straight curves, no need for a dish or square (unlike molds).

Robust, the new home for your plants

Our terracotta pots withstand all weather conditions (rain, hail, frost ...) as well as the sea wind, like a Breton at sea! Unlike manufacturing in molds, our pottery will be lighter while being very resistant and robust over time. It will not explode during a thermal shock and will not crumble.

A good price for an inimitable quality

No more big signs drawing on the prices of artisan producers! We want to enhance the image of the pottery sector. “All work deserves a salary,” which is why our craftsmen set their prices themselves. On the other hand, we do not impose any stock on our horticultural and landscaping partners, we work in collaboration with them to improve the Vegetal circuit.

Finally <strong>guaranteed pots</strong>

Keep your peace of mind: in case of a problem with your pottery , no more excuses, room for the guarantee! Why sell a product without guaranteeing its lifespan? We are the only ones to guarantee our parts, because we trust our potters and our potteries.

Customizable, the return of terracotta

No more enamel and flaking varnish in winter! Discover our paintings created specifically by our painters, passionate about pottery, and give pep to your pottery. Choose your paint to transform your pot into a decorative pot !
Our favorite
Little Egg
“The taste of salted butter… The smell of toast… a boiled egg freshly laid by your chick! It is in this simplicity and the sharing of a family moment that the idea of a casserole pottery, but flirtatious came ”P. Bonnan Creator MonPotDECO
Discover this shape

Our different terracotta pots



Our Flowerpot

The terracotta flower pots are accessible to all budgets and are versatile, you can place them inside or outside. We now offer two sizes: S and M. With size S, your plant will be comfortable for three years; size M, meanwhile, will allow your plant to flourish for five beautiful years.

The Big Pots

Want to plant fruit? Vegetables ? Shrubs? Our large terracotta pots allow you to plant any kind of plant as you wish for a period of four to fifteen years, depending on the size.

Decorative Pots

Do you want to stand out by creating a unique decoration at home? All our shapes have been imagined by our designer, to allow you to plant with originality and elegance. You can also use them for a personalized decoration . For example, by installing a torch on our lantern pot, you will create a cozy atmosphere on your balcony or in your garden.

Our partners

Unity is strength

Result of a union between three companies a French and two Portuguese, we offer you an innovative concept of tailor-made pottery. In France, we are passionate people from Rennes in our respective fields. We are the bearers of the MonPotDECO project with the aim of reviving a know-how of yesteryear.
In Portugal, our two factories produce your pots on a lathe. One of the factories is a traditional and artisanal factory where IT does not exist. At Hernani, we work in the old potter's wheel, quality earth, trowels and Post-its, traditional atmosphere guaranteed! In our other factory, we find Lucas and his team, they prepare their paintings by hand and paint your pots with paint guns and rags like artists.

Our Advice



Let your pottery speak

No more pot holders or any other accessory such as saucers or brackets, our pottery is designed for indoors or outdoors, just plug the pottery hole and adapt the drainage with the clay balls depending on the interior or exterior.

Think of your indoor or outdoor plant

To guarantee the good development of your plant, ask your professional indeed each plant for a specific need such as exposure, type potting soil, the possibility of using natural fertilizers and if you wish put your plant in a pot or in a planter ask for the bedding required for its development.

Do you have a creative mind?

It is possible to paint even his pottery, there is no problem on the contrary as for the planters or the vases it is possible to paint even his pottery with acrylic paints. Find our article very soon detailed on an anthracite and taupe creation!



Clean your pot

As you vary your watering with the wire of the seasons, our small pots and large pots can be dirty, do not pass the karcher on a pot with painting you will damage it, but spend a spent blow by avoiding the scratching surface once a year is enough and your potty will last ten years without worries.



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